“Even If You in a Benz” – DWB (Driving While Black)

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Ran across this joint from 2014B.E. (Before Eshkoshka) and wanted to share it with you all.

Different year, same story.


All I can do is smh.

Ever heard of the music producer, 9th Wonder? He is well known in the underground circuit and most notably for many, has done production work for Jay-Z.

He is also a very intelligent man as you will learn by clicking the link below. Dude had an experience with the police recently that many people of color can empathize with.

Ya know…a White friend (I mention the skin color for a reason) talked to me about how he/she wants folk to not see race so much and just see people. It is a great sentiment and would be awesome if the world worked that way.

But…it doesn’t. Here is an example of how even being a highly intelligent, successful man of color doesn’t exclude you from the “one wrong decision and things can go completely downhill for you” mindset that some of us MUST have when dealing with certain authority figures.

Here is 9th’s account:

Don’t mistake me saying “certain authority figures” as meaning ALL. I have readers and relatives who are in the law enforcement field and some will freely discuss their approach/mentality with me. And outside of that, I am far from a police hater. They have a helluva job to do. A job I would never ever sign up for.

But sometimes, people need to look at a situation and ask themselves…

“Why did this happen?”
“How could this have been handled differently?”


“Would this have happened to me?”

Shouts out to 9th for sharing his experience with the eloquence and clarity of an Ivy League professor.

Oh wait…that’s what he is.


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