Nickel Baggin on E: Rollback Edition

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I don’t know what to do with all of this, but I felt like it needed a whole Nickel Bag to itself.

Here are 5 quick thoughts that crossed my mind after watching this:


1- Every shuffle is just the Electric Slide with a step or 2 added and/or omitted.

sn: You NASTY, Marcia. You…nasty.


2- Why is the whole Walmart outchea dancing?
At no point in my life have I felt a void…because Wally World didn’t have its own shuffle.

3- Does Cupid know about this?

4- How many customers were left waiting in line while these employees were shuffling?
Is this what everybody is doing when the lines are backed up?

And 5- What department is the lead dude working in?
I’m gonna need him to keep that same energy when I need him to see if they have an item in the stockroom that isn’t on the floor.

Thank you Walmart for the Monday morning entertainment.

Do your dance, do your dance.


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