Nickel Baggin on E: CP3 vs Rondo – Ding!

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The sports world and social media was in an uproar late Saurday night as the Houston Rockets and the LA Lakers played in what was Lebron James’ first home game as a Laker.

That Lebron fact is now a footnote because there was an NBA fight where punches from both sides actually landed.

Who knew!?!?!?!?

Here are 5 quick thoughts in the aftermath of the Chris Paul vs Rajon Rondo fade.


1- It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later:

Here we have 2 super competitive guys who play the same position, are both irritants; and according to former NBA star Paul Pierce, who was a teammate of each at different times in his career, these two actually don’t like each other.


2- I Blame Obam—Ummm, Brandon Ingram:

This would have never happened if B.I. didn’t flip out. Ingram pushed James Harden then approached a ref as if he was gonna steal him.

Late in the actual fight, Ingram ran in and threw a punch at Chris Paul.

I’m cool with seeing some fire from Ingram,  but all of his angst was misdirected and in young boy fashion.

Truth is, he is young. Hopefully this is a teachable moment. The spotlight changes when you are a starter beside the best player in the world.

3- Respect Level Hit An All-Time Low For…:


Sure. We know Rondo is a wild boy and bout it bout it fooool, but come on fam.

I remember Bill Romanowski spitting on an opponent. Couldn’t respect him after that.

Rajon Rondo is my squad’s point guard. But spit? Spit though? On somebody? Worse yet…in their face?

Respect is dead.

4a- Somebody Called CP3 a Snitch:

I don’t even know how or why this is a thing. Dude is the President of the NBA Player’s Association.

It’s amazing how we quantify and qualify actions based on the person who commits said action.

4b- People Are Going At Lebron:

So…Lebron grabbed his son’s godfather (Chris Paul) instead of joining the fight and people are yelling “soft” and every other name in the book for some reason.

It’s soft to break up a fight? Grab one of your best friends in real life? Calm a tense situation down?

I hope y’all had that same energy towards Marshawn Lynch since he ran onto the field to defend opponent (and ‘little brother’) Marcus Peters when the Raiders and Chiefs scuffled last season.

Y’all didn’t? Interesting.

It’s not the actions. It’s the person.

Tighten up.

5- Big Congratulations Shoutout to the Real Winner:


Young Zo has been coming off the bench so far this season. With Rondo suspended for 3 games (which should be 8 games at the least), Ball should step into the starting lineup where he lived last season.

If he plays well enough, maybe he keeps the gig going forward.

As exciting and noteworthy as the fight in LA was, it was stupid and it was all initiated by the Lakers.

From Ingram wildin to Rondo spitting, it was a shameful display.

The positive was this: for the most part, being a veteran and a professional took precedence over being “bout that life” for real.

PJ Tucker was only there to break it up, and Lance Stephenson wasn’t involved.

Maturity prevailed.

Hopefully the league reviews this whole thing further.

Either way, things are off to a live start in this 2018-2019 NBA campaign.

Keep it going but keep the saliva to yourself.



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