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“One thing bout music, when it hits you feel no pain.” – M-1 from Dead Prez

I think we have fully established that Prime and I are big on hip hop. Specifically, we are huge on the late 80’s through the mid 90’s stuff.

So we most definitely had to speak on this.

“Hip Hop Evolution” is a documentary series that is on Netflix. The host sat down with an endless number of hip hop greats and talked about everything related to the history of the greatest music genre on Earth.

Hip Hop.

Season 2 of the series dropped about 2 weeks ago. And there was one episode that we just HAD to discuss.

From the infamous Latin Quarter club…

…to arguably the greatest rapper ever, through the days of afrocentricity, and up to my favorite group of all time; the “Do the Knowledge” episode of “Evolution” is a must see for the real heads out there.

So we dedicated a whole podcast to this one episode.

Give it a listen, share it with a friend, check for season 1 and the rest of season 2…and appreciate the memories and overall greatness displayed within the evolution of hip hop music.



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