My Impromptu Election Day Playlist

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Went out to get my vote on this morning.

Jumped in the car and linked up the Pandora.

Ended up with enough time for 5 random songs to play before I got out of the car at my polling location.

Now I might be making something out of nothing, but everything happens for a reason. And the titles of the 5 songs I heard this morning seemed to be tied into “the process” of today’s events.

It went straight like this. No skips. No fabrication.

“Black Republican” – Nas feat. Jay Z

“One Time” – The Roots

“Watch Out” – De La Soul

“Surviving the Times” – Nas

“Passin’ Me By” – The Pharcyde



I laughed so hard when “Black Republican” came on. It’s just a song title not a way of life, Pandora.

The title “One Time” brings up thoughts of the police for some. Not for me. Not today anyway.

I actually consider this the ‘one time’ where the strongest draw for so many to vote is someone who isn’t even on the ballot.

“Watch Out” hits on multiple levels. From watching out for the ones you may have considered allies only to realize they aren’t…to watching out for each other, as we have seen the true definition of ‘terrorist attacks’ too often in recent history; particularly in the past few weeks.

As we continue ‘surviving the times’ in their current state, we also look forward to changing the course of said times.

Judging by the droves of individuals I saw in line this morning (it was reminiscent of 2008), I am optimistic.

Cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless.

The final jam of this impromptu Election Day playlist was “Passin’ Me By” from The Pharcyde.

Simply put, do not let the privilege, opportunity, and right to have your voice heard pass you by.

Handle your business. It is our responsibility now.

Let’s make it happen.




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