Nickel Bag of Hey Virginia, WTF

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It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a bag on y’all; but with the way things are going right now, I guess it’s about that time.

Actually for today, we are going to make it a Triple Bag of Funk.

Three topics all rolled into one big disaster.

No need to look outside of my home state of Virginia for this one, so here we go:

“What Imma do now?

It’s all f***ed up now” – Puff Daddy

1- Governor Ralph Northam has been asked to resign by seemingly everyone after a picture from his medical school yearbook came to light.

Northam has flipped his story on this photo between apologizing for being in the photo to later saying he doesn’t believe he is one of the men in the troubling photo that appears on his personal yearbook page.

Alrighty then.

2- Virginia’s second in command, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, found himself amidst his own scandal soon after the Northam story hit.

Fairfax is being accused of sexual assault by a woman known as Dr. Vanessa Tyson.

Fairfax vehemently denies the allegations, but Tyson’s statement that was released yesterday has the whole commonwealth outchea shook.


3- Yesterday VA’s third in command, Attorney General Mark Herring, admitted to rocking the blackface look back in the day as part of a costume.

Mark Herring


Man listen.

The whole state of Virginia deserves the Jordan Cry Face right now.

Three Democrats are all in hot water within a week. And who is sitting out there in the fourth in command seat? Republican Kirk Cox.


As far as the allegations made against Justin Fairfax, it seems to be a case of differing stories.

And while Dr. Tyson chose an interesting time to release her statement, it was 100% her story to tell whenever she felt like it.

This story will not be going away anytime soon.

Mark Herring was adamant about Governor Northam needing to step down after his photo was brought to light. And a few days later, Herring admitted he did something somewhat similar.

I guess whoever told him to get out in front of his own indiscretion should have spoken to him a few days earlier.


Now let’s get back to Northam.

I’m gonna be honest with y’all.

While blackface is racist and insensitive and not ok, I feel nothing from seeing folks do this.

Yes it is wrong. But I’m not surprised. To me, they just look stupid.

Extremely ignorant. Foolish. But I usually smh and keep it moving.

My problem is more than the blackface part.

My problem is with the handling of something done 35 years ago.

“It was me.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Not that time anyway.”

“I did it once.”

If there is any reason for Northam to step down, it is because of his handling of a crisis in real time.

Oddly enough, the only thing that he has done right for himself, in my opinion, is not resign immediately.

The world was calling for his resignation less than 24 hours after the story broke.

Once dude resigns, it isn’t like he can come back a week later and UN-resign.

If I was Northam, I would not have stepped down either. My life’s work would be at stake, and I would need more than a photo from 1984 to throw it all away.

Fortunately or unfortunately, so much has happened since the revelation last Friday that his refusal to resign may just allow him to stay in office…a little longer anyway.

But let’s be clear on one thing that I believe we all should acknowledge:

No individual is without skeletons.

No individual has gone without some needed character development throughout a lifetime.

And to be real, no one is truly worthy of holding public office.

We all fall short.

…except Barack Obama.


My problem with Ralph Northam is this; when the ish hit the fan, he and his cronies went into panic mode and fumbled the ball.

And between the people who will never get over the photo, the people who will never look at him as a man with everyone’s best interests in mind, and the people who will second guess his actions as what I refer to as “President of the state of Virginia”, it is going to be hard to lead anyone from this point forward.

Regular Joe can come back from something like this because he/she is not responsible for the well being of a whole state.

The Governor is.

But as always, this is just…one man’s opinion.


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