Dear NBA on TNT: We’ve Suffered Enough!!!!!

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Today’s #TBT classic is brought to you by the fact that we are still suffering.

And yet, NBA on TNT is steadfast in their position. Does this man have some dirt on the execs?

Help. Us.

Anyway, check out the article from 2 days shy of 3 years ago. Ain’t much changed.

Hey TNT.

I am not one to advocate for another person’s firing from a job. Lawd knows I’ve been unemployed before. But today, I am making an exception.

Get Chris Webber ALL THE WAY out of that in-game analyst chair.

Let me preface my detailed opinion by saying this: I like C Webb. He was a very good ball player. He has a high basketball IQ (Timeout-gate notwithstanding), he seems to be a decent human being…AND I actually halfway like him as a studio analyst before and/or after games.
But when it comes to sitting at that table with only a play-by-play guy and himself, sheesh. He is the worst.

The. Worst.

What makes him so bad?
Well. Everything.

Basically, he sounds like he read a hard cover copy of “NBA In-Game Broadcasting for Dummies” and followed its instructions to the letter.

Just dry. No voice inflection. No real information yet, by his tone, one would think they were being schooled on the ins and outs of the game. And he just doesn’t seem genuine.
A Black robot with a fro.

“It’s all bad, baby baby.” – in my C3P0 voice


The one time he tried adding some personality was late in game 2 of his current broadcasting masterpiece (OKC vs San Antonio); when the referees missed 5 blatant foul calls on the last play of the game.
Unfortunately Chris’ effort at “genuine” sounded more like raving lunatic. Dude was legit yelling.

In the moment, all I could think was “Bless his heart. He tried.”
Some things just aren’t meant to be.
And for now, this is one of them. Maybe down the road this idea can be revisited. Waaaay down the road. Like ‘left my wallet in El Segundo’ 3 day trip down the road.
*blank stare*

As I stated earlier, I hate to call for a man to lose a gig. So maybe TNT can handle things a different way internally.

You know how we’ve heard about police officers getting into trouble while out in the field?
Then their Captain or whomever would take them off their ‘beat’ and assign them to desk duty?
Desk duty.
In-studio desk duty.

Let’s just all agree that leaving C Webb as the lone voice beside a commentator, even one as seasoned and polished as Marv Albert, was a bad idea and move on with our lives.

NBA fans have suffered enough.

But as always, this is simply…


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