Dealbreaker or Nah?????

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For the past few years, it seems to many people that the amount of violent, demeaning, and/or unbelievable acts towards minorities has increased.

According to government agencies, this is true:

To some degree, it seems that way because we are seeing and hearing about these incidents more frequently through the news media and social media.

However, many incidents that have occurred in the past, and still today, are now being reported as “hate crimes” specifically. So I don’t know if it is really an increase in the frequency of incidents or if the numbers are skewed.

Either way, we are definitely given more opportunities to actually see these things with our own two eyes.

Where there has truly been an increase is in the amount of openly hateful rhetoric since your mans, 45, stepped on the political scene.

A lot of the brash, unapologetic stuff can be credited to dude.

And while his past sins and lack of experience were enough to turn some voters away from the history altering mistake of making this fool President, many threw caution to the wind and rocked with him anyway.

Ok then. Fine.

Some folks were already against Hillary Clinton, and it was either her or him.


Yet in the two and a half years since that sad excuse for an election day, your mans has done nothing but ignite tiki torches of hatred and division in this country on a daily basis.

Race, class, religion, gender, you name it…if there is a minority involved, he is there to bash them.

Now through all of this, many of us have ended personal relationships with people we have known for years; some we might even refer to as friends. All because some real feelings and “true colors” have been brought to the forefront.

We’ve tried to understand how such blatant disregard for others could be acceptable to folks we’ve broken bread with…folks we’ve spent quality time with…folks we would ride for.

And to that point, we have seen countless non-minority friends who defend minorities incessantly but still maintain close bonds with people who have shown this same type of disdain for groups unlike themselves.

For me personally I have wondered, aloud and privately, how these relationships continue.

How can one claim to love a friend of another hue while simultaneously supporting 45?

How can a person who is seemingly on the right side of history still kick it with folks who openly bash others based on factors those others cannot control?

Then one day, it hit me.


Read that again.

On a grander scale, HATRED is not a dealbreaker for everybody.

Some people care about your well being and have the greatest intentions for you. They want you to succeed. They want justice, equity, a balanced playing field…they want everything to be fair for everyone to have a chance to ‘make it’ in this world.

But that doesn’t mean they are going to uproot lifelong friendships and certain comforts for that dream to become reality for YOU.

There’s levels to this stuff.



Ya know…as I am typing this with a ‘finger pointing’ mindset, I realize that maybe I’m no different.

Do I have associates who openly bash the LGBTQ community?

Do I know folks who mock and belittle women, or Mexicans, or the elderly, or people with strong non-American accents, or extremely poor people, or folks who are mentally challenged, or physically challenged individuals?

Am I part of the problem?


“It’s a paradox we call reality” – Talib Kweli

While the offense may seem uneven in the amount of damage caused, depending on your viewpoint, maybe the mindset is similar.


That’s a scary proposition.

There really are levels to this stuff.


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