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In the year 2014 B.E. (Before Eshkoshka), I did most of my ranting on Facebook.

My page, formerly known as Straight From The Source, was where I would post things that I wanted to go into detail about.

Sports, politics, entertainment, whatever.

That fb page is still up under the title, Source & Co.

One day I decided that I wanted to interview people I knew who had something I felt was significant going on.

Those five or so interviews were on the SFTS page under the “Source and Friends” umbrella.

It was simple. Ask the “friend” five questions, and they would give their five answers.

Five years ago today, I posted the very first one; so I figured I would share it here.

Source and Friends – 1st Installment

Hopefully I get to interview my friend, Monique Washington-Jones, again but in a different capacity on my end.

Time will tell.


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