WNBA: They Be Hoopin’

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While everybody is focused on the wild and wacky world of NBA free agency (as I am as well), I’d like to take a moment…for the ladies.

I love the WNBA.

The ladies get busy. Not saying you have to love it too, but miss me with the shade and the slick talk and disrespect of the athletes and the league as a whole.

They are tired of it.

So let’s talk shop.

We are almost six weeks into the 2019 season. With so many of the league’s stars out missing significant time, one would think things might be looking rough. Instead, the WNBA is flourishing with more national visibility than ever before.

Let’s take a quick look around the league:

-Washington (9-3) – The Mystics are getting buck. Elena Delle Donne is on an MVP mission, and Natasha Cloud is looking like an all star. With recent blowouts of other early contenders, the Mystics are looking right.


-Connecticut (9-4) – They looked like the best team in the league until a week ago. Three straight Ls later, including a 43 point dragging at the hands of the Mystics, folks are wondering what the prahlem is.


-Las Vegas (7-5) – The Aces are still finding their stride with the addition of Liz Cambage, but A’ja Wilson will remain unstoppable. When they really click, it’s gonna be trouble trouble. Kayla McBuckets relishing in her leadership role is the key.


-Seattle Storm (8-6) – No Stewie, no Bird, and now no Loyd. Sheesh. The devil is a lie, but Natasha Howard is the truth. And somehow the champs are still holding it together like Macgyver: with a staple remover, some dental floss, a thermometer, and some paste.


-Los Angeles (6-6) – The recent return of a healthy Candace Parker is evident. Once Coach Fisher figures out the best way to rotate CP and the Ogwumike family, LA will once again be All Day.


-Minnesota (6-6) – The combo of Odyssey Sims and rookie Napheesa Collier has stepped in to try and fill the production of the would-be GOAT, Maya Moore. Sitting at .500 while developing chemistry is not a bad look for the Lynx.


-Chicago (6-6) – The Sky and new coach, James Wade, were off to a surprisingly fast start. Three tough losses later, they have fallen to .500. Thankfully, Allie Quigs has gotten her swag back…because it’s make or break time for the Sky.


-Phoenix (5-5) – Even though the Mercury squad has two tried and true stars still on the court (Griner and Bonner), no single loss of a player has been more impactful than this team missing Diana Taurasi. The return of Leilani Mitchell to the squad has been quite beneficial, but DT is needed, back and healthy asap.


-New York (5-7) – Injuries and overseas hoops have left some spaces for growth in NY. Nurse, Boyd, Gray, and Durr are all taking advantage of their opportunities. The record doesn’t quite show it, but this team is talented.


-Dallas (4-7) – Liz chucked the deuces, Sky Digg is recovering, Glory’s overseas, and the Wings are struggling. Guard play is lacking (Arike aside), but they have plenty of serviceable bigs. Wouldn’t be surprised by a move or two before the August 6th trade deadline.

#LemonPepper (I love Wing Stop…sue me)

-Indiana (5-9) – I see talented people. But that record does not bear witness. Somebody’s got to take the blame. 👀


-Atlanta (2-8) – Will somebody PLEASE help me understand what is happening in Atlanta? I know Angel McCoughtry is out…I get it, but come on, fam. Tip Hayes, Jessica Breland, and company have more than enough to not be sitting at .200. Yet here we are.




Wow. There’s a lot jumping off as teams look to solidify themselves a few weeks before the All-Star break.

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