#TBT July 4, 2016 aka Kevin Durant’s Independence Day

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Three years ago today, it was announced that Kevin Durant was taking his talents to Oakland. KD joined the Golden State Warriors that morning.

By the afternoon, we all had an opinion; and many people were downright heated.

Three seasons, two NBA titles, two Finals MVP Awards, and a whole lotta controversy later, my opinion from that league altering 4th of July decision has not changed.

Here is what I wrote then:


Don’t look around at the people nearby that might be reading this over your shoulder. I’m talking to you.

The NBA fan outchea whining and complaining about Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Hollering about how things used to be back in the day and questioning the competitive nature of KD.

I. Hate. You.

So wait. For the past few seasons, fans everywhere have been saying that either Durant or Russell Westbrook would need to leave OKC to win a title.
You got your wish. KD is leaving.
But now you are mad because he didn’t go where you thought he should go?

So…it’s ok that he is leaving. But he can’t play for the team with the best nucleus?
He can’t go to the team with a 28 year old superstar and 2 26 year old budding stars
(Durant is 27 by the way) who are set up for years to come?

Dude is not allowed to go where he feels his whole game will be recognized (Did you know he led OKC in scoring and rebounds while being second in assists and steals?) AND where he has a chance to win multiple titles?

He should either stay in OKC (because we hold players to some type of LOYALTY clause even though teams aren’t loyal to players) or go to a team where he has to carry them to the finish line?

Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have consistently said all they care about is winning. Kevin Durant says the same thing. But…that can’t be why he wants to go there. Could it?

Golden State’s organization is considered loose and fun as opposed to the stringent atmosphere created by the Thunder organization. Nah that wouldn’t be a reason, right?

Check this out.
The team considered ahead of the curve in most NBA categories flew their biggest and best 3 players and their coach out to meet with KD. They showed a man, who was looking for a family atmosphere, that they were a family and interested in bringing him into the fold. Oh…and they are great at basketball too. Double oh…and they are all friends already.
No way did any of that have anything to do with him deciding to make the Bay Area his new home.

Sn: Did you know that Durant’s first NBA coach, PJ Carlesimo, referred to him as “the ULTIMATE team player” today? You’re right. Irrelevant.

INSTEAD…the one & only reason this high character, competitive, former MVP chose to sign with Golden State is because…he lost to them in the playoffs.
That’s why.
All these solid, strong, legit reasons. But the only one that matters is that his team lost to their team.

“Cole. You stupid.” – Martin Payne

I remember when fans would get mad because players were primarily chasing the biggest payday.
Folks would say “All these players care about is money. What about titles?”

Now we have a player leaving his team to go where his new team will be expected to win titles.
And folks are still mad?

Durant gave everything he had to the Seattle turned Oklahoma City franchise. And if you check his history, you will see he gave those cities his all off the court too.
But that’s not enough. He has to pledge his undying devotion to a situation where he would quite possibly be in the same conversations as Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing.

You know. The No Rings Club convo.
Because it’s not like anybody ever throws that shortcoming in their faces.

“Nah Kevin. Don’t go to the best situation for you. Go to the best situation for us.”

Did I mention that I hate you?
Because I really do.

But as always, this is just…


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