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Happy Sunday to all of you good people, and thank you for taking time out of your day to check in with us @ Esh.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to a song that has been on my brain since I first heard it. And while instantly becoming one of my favorite current joints, it reminded me of a song from the past that I have always liked. Dare I say, loved.

Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star; and even though they only dropped one studio album as such, Black Star keeps shining.

“Brown Skin Lady” is an ode to the obvious. Lyrically and sonically, this song speaks to our undying appreciation of some thoroughly underappreciated women across this country. Shoot, across the globe, for real.

While politicians and 45 followers refuse to call out their boy on his rhetoric…

…we view the words of those in power as calls to their like-minded brethren.

Good thing others see it too.

But this writeup wasn’t meant to be a political rant.

My bad.

Back to the topic at hand; the song I heard that inspired this whole post.

In my household, we have two kinds of people: those who love and admire the greatness of Beyoncé Carter aka me…and then we have the rest of my family. 😳

Fact. Sad but true.

That said, I hope my ladies appreciate Bey’s latest because it makes me think of them.

When I think of the ideas of white vs black and men vs women and the four combinations of such (black men, black women, white men, white women), it is easy to recognize that black women get the least praise, respect, attention, and appreciation of these options.

Historically, being male and/or white gave one some semblance of dominance in one way or another. And being a white woman was a direct connection to American access (being married to a white male and/or being the child of a white male).

Of the four options previously mentioned, black women are the only ones directly connected to the two minority groups.

That’s what I call le double struggle.

But as many are recognizing, those same women are the mothers of the Earth and queens of the Universe.

For real.

So shoutout to all my “brown skin girls” out there.

Espcially mine:

We see y’all.


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