5 Years Later: Different Names, Same Story

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5 years ago today, before Eshkoshka, I wrote the following article.

What’s changed? Nothing.


Sick and tired.

It seems like every other day I am reading a new story of an unarmed person being killed. From Cali to Florida to Michigan to New York to Ohio to Missouri. And while the situations that have led up to the tragedies are different, there seems to be one constant; the Black man/woman doesn’t make it home.

Sometimes the police were involved, and sometimes it was 2 civilians. Sometimes there was a verbal or physical altercation, and sometimes the person killed was simply asking for help.

Now I am not saying that each individual who has been killed has been innocent of all wrongdoing. I am not saying each individual has been the model citizen. But what I am saying is this: there are 2 sides to every story. One of those sides will never be heard first-hand.

Are Black people the only ones who have disagreements while unarmed? No.
So how are they seemingly the only ones getting killed in those instances? It’s a fair question.

Ya know…the facts in some situations remain unclear, and we may never know the real truth. But I have to wonder; if the face of the ‘threat’ was different, would the issue have been handled differently.

-Would a big White guy have been choked out by a police officer?
-Would a distraught, young White woman have been shot in the face looking for assistance?
-Would a young White man have been shot in a Wal-Mart while holding a toy gun?
-And finally, would a White teen have been killed with his hands, allegedly, in the air regardless of what had previously occurred?

All unarmed?

These are not throwaway questions or questions to point the finger. Read them again and actually consider them.

I hate that this is today’s topic.
But I hate even more that these same acts are being committed with what seems to be little regard for one’s life…well, some lives.

Sick and tired.


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