Nickel Baggin on a Saturday Morning – Sept 14, 2019

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It’s early. But I’m awake.

So let’s Bag it up.

Nickel Bagging on E, in 3-2-1…


Let’s get it.


1- Fourteen Days Huh?

Seems legit.

You know what I’ve realized though? I mean…I’ve known it for a minute, but I am stopping to look at it on a grander scale:

When folks with melanin do something that is considered bad, it is the end of the world.

When melanin-free people do something similar, that same something is a minor error…as opposed to a life-altering cataclysmic tragedy of magnanimous proportions.

-Felicity Huffman vs Tanya McDowell

-The approach to crack/cocaine in the hood vs meth in rural areas

-Mohamed Noor vs 98% of police officers who shoot unarmed Black people

-A mass shooter who is still holding an assault weapon vs an empty handed darker skinned man, woman, or child;

If you know, you know. And if you act like you don’t know, you’re a liar.


2- Biden vs Everybody

It’s hard to be King. And I get that the longer one has been in the game, the more there is to pick apart; but mannn…

If Joe Biden didn’t have a head start on these other Democratic candidates for the opportunity to face off with 45 in 2020, dude would be in TROUBLE trouble.

Whose mans is this? Oh. Obama’s mans? Oh oh aight.


3- As Antonio Brown’s World Turns

How do I say this without being misunderstood? 🤔🤔🤔

Look. I don’t know if ole girl is lying, and I don’t know if Antonio Brown is lying.

But what I do know is this:

As little info as there really is out there and as cloudy as this whole story is…and add in the ‘suffering from CTE’-esque moves that bruh has made over the past 18 months or so; there is NO WAY I would run around publicly backing AB in this situation.

Exhibit A

Who rocks this look without there being more going on underneath the surface?

And grown men with daughters accepting any parts of this as truth without any actual knowledge of anything?

Pump. Your. Brakes.



4- Snowfall or Power?

My good people. Let me hip you to this.

In 2019, two of our entities can exist; in the same space, at the same time.

We are so used to being limited to only enough attention and space that ONE can exist at a time, that we feel obligated to denigrate one just to uplift the other.

Comparison is natural I guess. I hear you.

However, our greatness doesn’t require the tearing down of one in order to place the other on a pedestal.

It doesn’t always have to be Jordan or Lebron, MJ or Prince, Jay or Nas, Snowfall or Power.

It can be Jordan AND Lebron.

It can be MJ AND Prince.

It can be Jay AND Nas.

And it absolutely is Snowfall AND Power.


5- I’m hungry.

So I’m done.

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