#tbt Grown Folks: Put Some Respeck On Our Name

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-A thought I had on this good throwback Thursday-

So I was messing around on Spotify recently and decided to look up my own music.

For those that don’t know, I tried my hand at the rap game for a few years between the late 90’s and 2010 or so.

Well…I was trash til around 2003…so it was more like ’04-’10 for real. lol

Nothing really came of it all, as far as success in the real world; a few projects, some shows up and down the east coast, some dope reviews online, and some funny stories…but most would not call it a successful venture.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed it.

Maybe one day, I will tell the world about the embarrassment of being kicked off the stage by a well known national artist in Jersey, or having a set cut after one song, or being booed once.

Trust me. Putting yourself out there in front of a hostile crowd that doesn’t know you is not easy. But publicly trying to do something you love, without reservation, is liberating.

Failing in front of a room full of strangers who didn’t care about me or my dreams didn’t really bother me.

Don’t get me wrong. It HURT. And it was painful. But that stuff is temporary in most cases.

In my mind, I was dope…and they just didn’t get it.

I say all that to say this: my guy, Dox-1 (the technical component of this site and the other half of our Grown Folks hip hop duo), and I created one of the best albums in 804 hip hop history.


That statement is subjective…but to me, it’s fact.

I don’t really talk too much about music days because really, nobody cares.

Lots of people tried music. It’s nothing special to the average person.

But that time was monumental to me, and it created many of the relationships that I have today.

So I am thankful for my failed rap career.

It introduced me to some really good people, and it re-opened the door to what I really should have been doing all along.

So for me, it wasn’t just successful…it was life changing.

One love to everybody I met through music.

You are appreciated.



sn: Somehow through all these years, Dox and I only took like ONE picture together. Maybe two.

Hence, the cover art. Hahaha

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