“Virginia is For Lovers, But Trust There’s Hate Here”

B-Moore 08.14.2017 News, Politics , , , , , ,

The events that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend are what happens when a group of people feels marginalized. Similar to what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, just with less melanin and police militarization. They feel small because the American dream has escaped them. They live in this bubble of rural America where they imagine… keep going »

Top 10 of All Time: R&B Remixes with Raps (By Actual Rappers)

B-Moore 08.10.2017 Featured, Music , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Puff might have invented the remix but others took his formula and Super Saiyan’d it. For you millennials, back in my day we had singers who could really sing. These unicorns did songs with rappers who could actually rap. Weird right? It was a cool little deal. Rappers weren’t trying to sing or harmonize or… keep going »

Maybe Instead of Rhyming Like Hov, We need to Learn How To Love Like Hov

B-Moore 07.13.2017 Entertainment, Life, Music , , , ,

Hov’s “4:44” song, and more specifically the “Footnotes of 4:44” video, has served as a painful reminder to men that we don’t understand relationship dynamics. Specifically, we don’t really understand what it means to love and how to accept love from our women. Intrinsically, we struggle, and these are things that we have to put… keep going »

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