Roseanne Goes Roseanne

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Daggone it, Roseanne. You just couldn’t roll with the fact that some of us were actually watching the show and trying to support the others involved; -Sara Gilbert (Executive Producer) -Wanda Sykes (Head Writer) among others……and all the while wondering “Should we even be watching this ish?” But nah. Instead, you had to do what… keep going »

Nickel Baggin on E: You Gots to Chill

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It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a Nickel Bag of Funk on the good people of Eshkoshkaland (it’s like a cross between Disneyland and Shondaland but for words—fun, right?), but today feels like one of those days. So let’s get to it; starting with the real ish. 1- Naked Man Killed by Police While… keep going »

neVer forgeT: 4/16/2007

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11 years ago today, my sister-in-law, Whitney, was a Virginia Tech student. She was on campus earlier than normal to meet with her advisor. As she headed to her meeting, she was stopped by a paramedic. He advised her to get back in her car and leave campus immediately. She made it back home safely…. keep going »

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