Glory Daze: See What Had Happened Was…

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Well. It finally went down. The article’s cover photo shows Kelsey’s (my oldest daughter) Instagram post about the showdown between her sister and me. When my youngest daughter, Jada, tried out for field hockey a year or so ago, someone told her that she was a fast runner. After being told the same thing a… keep going »

neVer forgeT: 4/16/2007

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11 years ago today, my sister-in-law, Whitney, was a Virginia Tech student. She was on campus earlier than normal to meet with her advisor. As she headed to her meeting, she was stopped by a paramedic. He advised her to get back in her car and leave campus immediately. She made it back home safely…. keep going »

Boyz II Men

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Yep fellas, it’s true. None of us were perfect gentlemen growing up. But hopefully, we’ve tried to learn from our mistakes and will not pass on a cycle of negativity in whatever ways we were “less than” back in the day. Add in the fact that many of us have daughters…and we really and truly… keep going »

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