Nickel Baggin on a Super Bowl Weekend

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What’s Goodie, Party People? I’ve been slackin on my mackin as you can see. There have been a few less drops recently because, well…life comes at you fast. I’m just trying to keep up. #LeStruggle It ain’t easy being a one man band, but we will get back in stride with more frequent drops soon… keep going »

“Virginia is For Lovers, But Trust There’s Hate Here”

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The events that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend are what happens when a group of people feels marginalized. Similar to what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, just with less melanin and police militarization. They feel small because the American dream has escaped them. They live in this bubble of rural America where they imagine… keep going »

Why They Support Trump

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Along with countless others, I have asked my social media friends who truly support Donald Trump to answer one question. Why? And while many will tell you why they dislike the other candidate or how they always vote Republican, none will answer this simple question with what I’d call complete and certain honesty. “He speaks… keep going »

Respected Republican Exits Party

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“Some people don’t like the way/ Sally walks” – Stetsasonic I am trying to give credit where it is due. And possibly, to some small degree, Sally Bradshaw deserves credit. This woman has worked for the Republican Party in some form since the late 80’s. But this Jeb Bush top adviser has heard enough…. keep going »

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