Dealbreaker or Nah?????

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For the past few years, it seems to many people that the amount of violent, demeaning, and/or unbelievable acts towards minorities has increased. According to government agencies, this is true: To some degree, it seems that way because we are seeing and hearing about these incidents more frequently through the news media and social media…. keep going »

The Not So Great Debate

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Back on the morning of October 4th, 2012 B.E. (before eshkosha), I had most of my Facebook friends and family mad at me. October 4th was the day after the first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. They were mad because I said that, if you looked at the debate and just how… keep going »

Why They Support Trump

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Along with countless others, I have asked my social media friends who truly support Donald Trump to answer one question. Why? And while many will tell you why they dislike the other candidate or how they always vote Republican, none will answer this simple question with what I’d call complete and certain honesty. “He speaks… keep going »

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